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SharpPlot Properties

The properties of the SharpPlot class are listed below.

SharpPlot Instance Properties

AltitudeMatrixStyleAltitudeMatrix style
BacklogLogging of API calls
BarChartStyleBarchart style
BarEdgeNibBar edge line-width
BarLimitMaximum bars allowed (deprecated – use TileLimit instead)
BaselineBaseline for shading
BoxPlotStyleBoxplot style
BubbleChartStyleBubblechart style
CaptionLineSpacingCaption linespacing
CaptionStyleCaption style
ChartChangedChart changed delegate
ClassIntervalClass interval
CloudChartStyleCloudchart style
ContourPlotStyleContourplot style
CorrelationGet Correlation of model fit (ReadOnly)
DataStyleData style
DatumTagFormatDatum tag format
DatumTagStyleDatum tag style
DialChartStyleDialchart style
EquationGet Equation text (ReadOnly)
EquationFormatEquation format
EquationIndexEquation index
EquationStyleEquation style
FootnoteFootnote text
FootnoteLineSpacingFootnote linespacing
FootnoteStyleFootnote style
FrameStyleFrame style
GanttChartStyleGanttchart style
GapInter-bar gap
GroupGapInter-group gap
HeadingHeading text
HeadingLineSpacingHeading linespacing
HeadingStyleHeading style
HistogramStyleHistogram style
IAllowanceInner axis allowance
IAxisStyleInner axis style
IInterceptInner axis intercept
ILabelFormatInner axis picture format
ITickStyleInner axis tickmark style
IndexOriginIndex origin
InnerGapGet Interbar spacing (ReadOnly)
KeyFormatKey picture format
KeyGapKey gap
KeyLimitKeys used in this legend
KeyLineSpacingKey linespacing
KeyStyleKey style
LabelLineSpacingLabel linespacing
LabelStyleLabel style
LineGraphStyleLinegraph style
LineLimitMaximum lines allowed
MarginBottomBottom margin (pts)
MarginLeftLeft margin (pts)
MarginRightRight margin (pts)
MarginTopTop margin (pts)
MarkerLimitMaximum markers allowed
MeshDensityDensity of mesh
MinMaxChartStyleMinMax style
MissingColorColor for MissingValue
MissingValueMissing value indicator
ModelFitKeyModelfit gets a key
NetworkMapStartAngleNetworkMap Start Angle
NetworkMapStyleNetworkMap style
NotApplicableText"Not Applicable" Filler
NoteLineSpacingNote linespacing
NoteStyleNote style
PageNumber of current page, starting at 1 (ReadOnly)
PagesNumber of non-empty pages of the report so far (ReadOnly)
ParityStyleParity style
ParityToleranceParity limit as percentage
Perspective3D perspective
PieChartStylePiechart style
PieRadiusPie radius
PieStartAnglePie start angle
PixelLimitMaximum pixels allowed
PolarChartStylePolarchart style
ResetOptionReset options
ResponsePlotStyleResponse style
ScalebarStyleScalebar style
ScatterPlotStyleScatterplot style
SeriesKeySeries gets a key
SoftHyphenSoft hyphen
StepChartStyleStepchart style
SubheadingSubheading text
TableStyleTablechart style
TextLimitMaximum text items allowed
TickMarkWidthTickmark width
TileLimitMaximum tiles allowed
TitleBarTitle bar text
TowerAspectTower aspect
TowerChartStyleTowerchart style
TowerLimitTower limit (deprecated – use TileLimit instead)
TraceChartStyleTraceplot style
TreeMapStyleTreeMap style
TrellisStyleTrellis style
TrendLineKeyTrendline gets a key
TriangleStyleTriangle style
ValueLineSpacingValue linespacing
ValueTagAngleValue tag angle (degrees)
ValueTagFormatValue picture format
ValueTagStyleValue tag style
VectorStyleVector style
VennDiagramStyleVennDiagram style
VersionGet SharpPlot Version
VmlHeaderStandard header code for VML webpage
WalkSortGet Walksort for trees (ReadOnly)
XAxisLengthGet Calculated X Axis length (ReadOnly)
XAxisStyleX axis style
XBarChartStyleX-Bar style (shared)
XCaptionX captions (left,right)
XCaptionFormatX Caption format
XDateFormatDate picture (X axis)
XDatumThresholdX datum threshold
XFactorX labelling factor
XGridThresholdX grid threshold
XInterceptX intercept (Y target)
XLabelAngleX label angle (degrees)
XLabelFormatX picture format
XTickStyleX tickmark style
XTimeFormatTime fmt (X-axis) HH:MM
XTrackFormatX-tracker format
YAxisLengthGet Calculated Y axis length (ReadOnly)
YAxisStyleY axis style
YCaptionY captions (bottom,top)
YCaptionFormatY Caption format
YDateFormatDate picture (Y axis)
YDatumThresholdY datum threshold
YFactorY labelling factor
YGridThresholdY grid threshold
YInterceptY intercept (X target)
YLabelFormatY picture format
YTickStyleY tickmark style
YTimeFormatTime fmt (Y-axis) HH:MM
YTrackFormatY-tracker format
ZAxisStyleZ axis style
ZCaptionZ caption (top only)
ZCaptionFormatZ Caption format
ZFactorZ labelling factor
ZLabelFormatZ picture format
ZTickStyleZ tickmark style


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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