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Style Examples

Examples of typical chart and axis styles.

AboveGridAbove Gridlines (Y-Labels)
AltitudeShadingAltitude shading
AngledLabelsAngled Labels
AnnotateModelAnnotate Model fit
ArrowedAxisArrowed Axes
ArrowLinesArrow Lines
AtEndCaptionAt end Caption
BalancedAxisBalanced Axis
BoxedBoxed style
BoxFrameBoxed Frame style
CellsCreatedCells creation at data points
CenteredCaptionCentered Caption
ClampToAxisClamp lines to Axis range
ClippedClip to Axis range
ClockFaceClockFace scaling on Polar charts
CoarseCoarse Altitude shading
CompassPlotCompass Axis for Polar charts
ContoursContours on mesh surfaces
CrispEdgesCrisp edges – cancel anti-aliasing
CroppedAxesCropped Axes
CrossingTicksCrossing Ticks
CurvesCurves are used to join data points
DecileWhiskersDecile whiskers on Box plot
DissectedDissected Arrows
DriftMarkersDrift Markers for Directional Min-Max
DuplicateAxesDuplicated Axes
DuplicateTicksDuplicated Tickmarks
DurationDuration Label formatting
EnvelopeEnvelope on MinMax plots
ErrorBarsError bars are added to MinMax plots
ExactFitExact fit of Axis Range
ExplodeAxesExploded Axes
FarthestFirstFarthest first on Pie charts
FilledFilled Lines
FineFine Altitude shading
FlatTextFlat Text for 3D labelling
FloatingBarsFloating Bars
ForceOriginForce modelfit through zero
ForceZeroForce zero to include axis origin
FrameAxesFrame Axes
GridLinesGrid lines
GrowthCurveGrowth curve
HaloMarkersHalo Markers
HollowCenterHollow center on Polar charts
HorizontalHorizontal chart
IndexedIndexed data
InlineWithDataInline Keys
InsideLabelsInside Labels
InsideTicksInside Ticks
InvertAxisInverted Y-scale
InvisibleAxisInvisible Axis
KiteDiagramKite diagrams
LinesLines are drawn between data points
LogarithmicLogarithmic plot
LogScaleLog-scaled Axis
MarkersMarkers drawn
MergedMerged row-labels
MiddleLabelsMiddle Labels – between ticks
MinorTicksMinor Tickmarks
ModelFitModel fit
NoAxesNo Axes are drawn
NoAxisNo Axis is drawn
NoLinesNo Lines are drawn
NoMarkersNo Markers are drawn
NormalCurveNormal curve on Histograms
NoTagsNo contour line Tags
NoTicksNo Tickmarks
NoWrapNo text wrapping
OmitLastLabelOmit last X-label
OnTopModelOn Top Model
OriginMarkerOrigin marker on Polar charts
OverlayGridOverlayed gridlines
ParityParity plot
PlainPlain Pie chart or Tower
PlainAxisPlain Axes (no ticks or labels)
ProjectContoursProject Contours on XY-plane
RadialScalingMarkers are scaled to radius
RelativeRelative data
RisersRisers from axis or data
RootedRooted vectors
RoseDiagramRose diagram
RoundedRounded corners
RowsRow-wise Series
ScaleBarScale bar for Bubble and Altitude-shaded plots
SegmentLinesSegmented lines at missing values
ShadowedShadowed boxes are drawn
SkipRepeatsSkip repeated values
SkipRunsSkip runs of repeated values
SpanDataSpan data range for Fitting
SpannedLabelsSpanned Labels
StackedBarsStacked Bars
StayAtEdgeStay at edge (Labels)
SurfaceShadingSurface fill is drawn
SynchronisedSynchronised gridlines
TerminatedTerminated Min-Max
TicksBetweenTickmarks between Bars
TiledSurfaceTiled Response surface
TopAxisTop X-Axis
TrendLineTrend lines
TrendSurfaceTrend surface
ValueTagsValue Tags are drawn
WallShadingWalls are shaded on 3D charts
WedgeZonesWedge zones
XYPlotXY Plot

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