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DocumentLayout Classes

This sections covers classes that allow the creation of master pages for SharpLeaf reports.


   page = new PageLayout(PaperSize.A4);
  // Invisible frame with one-inch margin all around
   page.Add(new Frame("MyFrameId",72,72,-72,-72));
   layout = new DocumentLayout(page);
   lf = new SharpLeaf(layout);
DocumentLayout Class
Define report master pages as an list of PageLayouts.
PageLayout Class
Defines the structure of a single DocumentLayout page as a list of PageElements.
PageElement Abstract Class
The abstract class for elements that can belong to a PageLayout.
Frame : PageElement Class
Defines a region on the page into which text can flow. The frame can be invisible, or have a BoxStyle and a gutter. It also controls whether content should be clipped or not, and whether flow should automatically skip to next Frame.
TextBlock : PageElement Class
Arbitrary text to add to a page layout, with optional parameters substitution. Text can optionally be wrapped, and angled if the two points are different, in which case it is drawn along the given line.
ImageBlock : PageElement Class
Picture to add to a page layout. Image can optionally be scaled or stretched to fit a bounding box.
Box : PageElement Class
Rectangle to add to a page layout, possibly filled and shadowed.
Rule : PageElement Class
Simpe line to add to a page layout.

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