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PageLayout Class

Defines the structure of a single DocumentLayout page as a list of PageElements.

Elements will be drawn in the order in which they were appended to the page layout. Frames will be used in that order too unless specified with FrameList.

See some tutorials and a visual glossary on the creation of page layouts.

public class PageLayout


PageLayout Instance Properties

Item[Int32]Default indexer into the PageLayout’s list of PageElement items
ColorColor of paper
CountNumber of PageElement items in the PageLayout (ReadOnly)
ElementsList of PageElement that constitute the PageLayout
FillStyleFillStyle of paper
FrameListList of Frames to flow through (defaults to empty vector for all frames in order of creation)
SizeSize of paper in points as a vector of two doubles

PageLayout Methods

AddAppend page elements (Frame, Rule etc) to a page layout
CloneTake a deep copy of this instance
ContainsCheck if the given PageElement is present in the PageLayout
ToStringReadable summary of page layout


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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