Common Reference

In this sections you’ll find classes and structures that are common to both SharpPlot and SharpLeaf.

FillStyle Struct
Fill-styles (built-in and user-defined tilings). SharpPlot offers a good range of pre-defined shading patterns, but the majority of output formats allow you to add your own custom fills.
LineStyle Struct
Line-styles (built-in and user-defined dash-repeat sequences).
PageMode Enumeration
Options to control the layout of multiple document pages by the Document Rendering/Saving functions.
PaperSize Struct
The PaperSize structure lists many standard paper sizes as a double[] {width,height} vector, suitable to use for SharpPlot constructor and PageLayout constructor.
PdfMode Enumeration
Various options to control the way Acrobat Reader first shows the completed PDF document.
SvgMode Enumeration
Various options for scaling the completed graphic in the browser.
Document Class
Page-level manipulation and output of documents produced by SharpPlot.RenderDocument and SharpLeaf.RenderDocument.
VectorMath Class
This class provides a convenient library of static methods for transforming array data.
DbUtil Class
This class provides a small set of static methods for extracting array data from database tables. See the tutorial on aggregating data for some worked examples.

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