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SharpPlot.ValueTagStyle Property

Set Value tag style to any combination of flags.

public ValueTagStyles ValueTagStyle {get; set;}


sp.ValueTagStyle = ValueTagStyles.Inside;


AngledAngled text is used for values
CenterValues are horizontally centered above markers
CumulativeValuesCumulative values are used on stacked barcharts
DurationNumeric values are formatted to base-60
HintsValues are set as status-line hints
InheritColorValues inherit color from data points
InsideValues are written inside bars, pie-sectors, markers
LeftValues are written to the left of markers
MiddleValues are vertically centred in each bar
NormalValues are written as text (default)
OpaqueValue text is drawn with opaque background
RadialValues are displaced outward along a radius
RecolorOutsideValues on bars match the bar colour when forced outside the bar
RightValues are right-aligned above markers
SectorValuesSector values are used on stacked barcharts
ShowAllTagsValue tags are drawn even if they have too little space
TipsValues are set as pop-up tips
VerticalVertical text is used for values

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