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SharpPlot.EquationStyle Property

When the equation of a curve is written on the line (chart style ModelFit+AnnotateModel) the default is to place it above the curve, at the right-hand end. The placement and appearance can be modified with this property.

public EquationStyles EquationStyle {get; set;}


sp.EquationStyle = EquationStyles.Middle;


AbsolutePosition is interpreted in points
AtEndOutside the line at the right-hand end
BelowBelow the line
ForceOriginForce fitted line through the origin
LeftLeft end of fitted line
LinearFitForce a linear equation even if we have logarithmic axes
MiddleMiddle of fitted line
OpaqueOpaque background to text
PercentagePosition is interpreted in percentage of axes
SpanDataFitted line spans data range, not X-axis
StraddleStraddling the line

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