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SharpPlot Enumerations

These lists are (mostly) flags which combine to set chart styles.

BarChartStyles Enumeration
Barchart Style (flags).
BoxPlotStyles Enumeration
Box and Whisker style (flags).
BubbleChartStyles Enumeration
Bubblechart Style (flags).
CaptionStyles Enumeration
Caption style (flags).
ChartType Enumeration
Chart types which may be used with DrawMultiple to create a trellis automatically.
CloudChartStyles Enumeration
Cloudchart Style (flags).
ContourPlotStyles Enumeration
Contourplot Style (flags).
DataStyles Enumeration
Data Style (flags).
DatumTagStyles Enumeration
Datum Tag Style (flags).
DialChartStyles Enumeration
Dial-chart Style (flags).
EquationStyles Enumeration
Placement and other options for model-fit equation (flags).
FootnoteStyles Enumeration
Footnote style (flags).
FrameStyles Enumeration
Frame style (flags).
GanttChartStyles Enumeration
Gantt chart style (flags).
GroupByFunction Enumeration
Alternative strategies for aggregating data (simple summation is the default).
HeadingStyles Enumeration
Heading style (flags).
HistogramStyles Enumeration
Histogram style (flags).
HotspotType Enumeration
Various types of hotspots reported by the active chart components.
IAxisStyles Enumeration
Inner-axis style (flags).
ITickStyles Enumeration
Inner-axis tickmark style (flags).
KeyStyles Enumeration
Key style (flags).
LabelStyles Enumeration
Label Style (flags).
LineGraphStyles Enumeration
Linegraph Style (flags).
MinMaxChartStyles Enumeration
Min-Max (Hi-Lo plot) Style (flags).
NoteStyles Enumeration
Note style (flags).
ParityStyles Enumeration
Parity plot style (flags).
PieChartStyles Enumeration
Piechart Style (flags).
PolarChartStyles Enumeration
Polarchart Style (flags).
ResetOptions Enumeration
Reset options (what persists through a reset)
ResponsePlotStyles Enumeration
Response surface Style (flags).
ScalebarStyles Enumeration
Scale bar style (flags).
ScatterPlotStyles Enumeration
Scatterplot Style (flags).
ScriptTarget Enumeration
Chart text elements which may be used as targets for JavaScript handlers or SVG attributes.
StepChartStyles Enumeration
Stepchart Style (flags).
TableStyles Enumeration
Table-chart Style (flags).
TowerChartStyles Enumeration
Towerchart style (flags).
TraceChartStyles Enumeration
Trace chart style (flags).
TreeMapStyles Enumeration
Tree map style (flags).
TrellisStyles Enumeration
Trellis Style (flags).
TriangleStyles Enumeration
Triangle chart style (flags).
ValueTagStyles Enumeration
Value-label style (flags).
VectorStyles Enumeration
Vector style (flags).
VennDiagramStyles Enumeration
Venn diagram style (flags).
XAxisStyles Enumeration
X-Axis style (flags).
XBarChartStyles Enumeration
Barchart Style (flags).
XTickStyles Enumeration
X-Axis tickmark style (flags).
YAxisStyles Enumeration
Y-Axis style (flags).
YTickStyles Enumeration
Y-Axis tickmark style (flags).
ZAxisStyles Enumeration
Z-Axis style (flags).
ZoneStyles Enumeration
Zone style (flags).
ZTickStyles Enumeration
Z-Axis tickmark style (flags).
NetworkMapStyles Enumeration
Styles for the SharpPlot.DrawNetworkMap method.

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Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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