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Document Class

Page-level manipulation and output of documents produced by SharpPlot.RenderDocument and SharpLeaf.RenderDocument.

Pages from different charts and reports can be extracted and re-ordered, then rendered to any of the supported formats.

public class Document


Document Instance Properties

PagesNumber of pages of the document (ReadOnly)
TitleDocument title

Document Methods

AppendAppend document pages after the end of current
ExtractPagesCreate a new Document, extracting specified pages
GetCharsetsReturn the list of used characters for each used font
PrependInsert document pages before current
RenderBitmapReturn document rendered through raster engine as a Bitmap object
RenderEpsReturn a document page rendered as Encapsulated PostScript
RenderLogReturn document as a readable log
RenderMetafileReturn or stream document as one of the Extended Metafile formats
RenderPSReturn document rendered as raw PostScript
RenderPdfReturn document as a PDF stream
RenderSvgReturn document rendered as SVG
RenderXamlReturn document rendered as a XAML Canvas
SaveEpsSave a document page to named file as Encapsulated PostScript
SaveImageSave document rendered through raster engine as an image file
SaveLogSave document as a readable log file
SavePSSave document to named file as raw PostScript
SavePdfSave document to named file as PDF
SaveSvgSave document to named file as SVG
SaveXamlSave document to named file as a XAML Canvas


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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