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SharpPlot Structures

SharpPlot uses the following structures :

HotspotInfo Struct
This structure is used to pass details of chart hotspots between various utilities in the PageMap class. It is likely that a programmer will find it very helpful when debugging a Gui application to have the contents written to the console to check that the mouse really did hit the expected series item.
KeyDefinition Struct
Definition structure for data-placeholder in chart keys. Mostly used internally, but may be defined by the calling application to customise legend placeholders.
Marker Struct
This structures defines Markers for charts. There are a number of built-in, standard markers, but custom markers can also created from arbitrary images, paths, or text.
Zone Struct
Structure to define a shaded region which appears as part of the chart background. Zones may be used on any conventional 2-dimensional chart (see the Gantt tutorials) or on Dial charts to mark out significant areas on the scale. Each Zone has a start and stop value, a color and an optional fillstyle.


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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