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SharpPlot.CloudChartStyle Property

Set Cloudchart style to any allowed combination.

public CloudChartStyles CloudChartStyle {get; set;}


sp.CloudChartStyle = CloudChartStyles.Risers | CloudChartStyles.Walls;


AltitudeShadingAltitude shading is used with cloud chart
ContoursDraw contour lines across data points
ContourTagsContour lines are tagged with height values
CurvesPoints are joined with smooth curves rather than straight lines
FineAltitude shading interpolated in fine detail (slow for vectorial rendering)
FlatTextFlat labels and captions are used on 3D charts
GridLinesDraw gridlines (all axes)
HaloMarkersHalo all markers (improves 3D effect on Cloud charts)
IndexedData is indexed to the initial value = 100
LinesDatapoints are connected with lines
ModelFitCompute and show regression line or surface
NoAxesNo axes are drawn on the chart
NoMarkersNo markers are drawn (turns off default)
ProjectContoursContours are drawn on the xy-plane in 3D charts
RisersDraw risers to data points from axis or fitted model
ScaleBarAltitude-shaded cloud chart adds a nominal Z-Axis
SurfaceShadingSurface shading is used on linecharts, down to the axis or a given baseline
TiledSurfaceTile surfaces on response plots
TrendSurfaceCompute trend surface (2D Gaussian smooth)
WallShadingShade walls on all 3D charts
XYPlotFirst column gives the X-values for LinePlot

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