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PageMap Class

The PageMap class allows the programmer to explore hotspot data contained in any chart to reproduce the typical behaviour of a VML graphic deployed by a web-server.

public class PageMap

A PageMap object is obtained by the SharpPlot.RenderPageMap method.

This utility class is designed to permit an application to convert mouse-tracking information into references back to the original data from which the chart was created.

This may be used (for example) to eliminate outliers from a regression analysis or to implement data editing by allowing the user to drag markers or bars. The examples all refer to this simple chart, which has 2 data series (one with bars and one with markers) and also has a tip on the heading text.

The hotspot detail is always returned in a HotspotInfo structure which tells you all you need to know to implement a graphical enquiry or editing application.

See PageMap Introduction for a fuller description and a simple worked example.

PageMap Instance Properties

HeightHeight of paper in user’s units (ReadOnly)
ScaleUser’s units relative to points (ReadOnly)
WidthWidth of paper in user’s units (ReadOnly)

PageMap Methods

AxesToPointsConvert Axis co-ordinates to absolute points
EnumerateChartsList all charts found on this page
FindChartReport the name of the chart at these (x,y) co-ordinates
FindHintRecover hint text given hotspot handle
FindHotspotFind the details of any data points on this page at given (x,y) location
FindHyperlinkRecover link text given hotspot handle
FindInfoFind the details of any standard chart object(s) given chartid and target
FindPointsLocate all data points whose centres lie within given bounding box
FindScriptValueRecover saved script value from hotspot
FindTipRecover tip text given hotspot details
GetHotspotInfoReturn hotspot detail as a structure
GetTrackerConvert points to status message giving formatted x and y in user-space
PointsToAxesConvert points to axis co-ordinates, defaulting to topmost chart


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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