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SharpPlot.YLabelFormat Property

Set picture format for Y-axis labels.

public string YLabelFormat {get; set;}

This uses the normal C# format string, with two small variations. The ‘%’ symbol has no effect on the scale of the data, and you may use the ‘~’ character anywhere in the picture to suppress the digit at that position.


sp.YLabelFormat = "##0.00%";

To show the numbers to 2 decimal places with a trailing % symbol. Note that this does not automatically multiply the values by 100 (unlike VB and many OCX controls such as the Flexgrid).

Wrapping text labels

Text labels may be wrapped into a preset width with a format such as:

sp.YLabelFormat = "XXXXXX;";

This will force the labels to wrap at the length of the given string. If the string is simply ‘XXXXXXX’ then longer labels are clipped, using a final ellipsis ‘...’ to denote truncation if any.

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