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SharpLeaf Properties

SharpLeaf Instance Properties

ArgumentListSubstitution values for {1} ... {99} in TextBlock captions
BulletCountNext value for numbered lists
CapFontFont for dropped capitals (default is null for paragraph font)
DecimalDecimal separator used by Alignment.Decimal (defaults to ‘.’)
EllipsisCharacter that marks text clipping (default is ‘…’ – Unicode 0x2026 – code point 8230 – set to ‘ ‘ to disable)
FrameHeightHeight of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
FrameIdIdentifier of the current Frame (ReadOnly)
FrameLeftLeft of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
FrameTopTop of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
FrameWidthWidth of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
PageNumber of current page, starting at 1 (ReadOnly)
PagesNumber of non-empty pages of the report so far (ReadOnly)
PaperSizePaper size of current page (ReadOnly)
SoftHyphenCharacter marking silent word break (default is Unicode standard ‘­’ – U+0x00AD – code point 173)
StyleWorking ParagraphStyle
TitleDocument title
VersionGet SharpLeaf Version (ReadOnly)
YPositionCurrent position on page (ReadOnly)

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