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SharpPlot.NoteStyle Property

Set Note style to any combination of flags.

public NoteStyles NoteStyle {get; set;}


sp.NoteStyle = NoteStyles.Boxed;

Normally, notes are positioned relative to the current (x,y) axes (style ‘Relative’) but you can choose to use absolute coordinates here, in which case you give the position of the note in Points from the chart origin (the position where the axes would normally cross). For multi-line notes, the position gives the start of the baseline of the first line of the text unless you set it explicitly with styles such as Middle|Center which will use the note-boundingbox as a reference to compute the center.

To include a defined effect (such as an SVG shadow filter or animation) to the text:

sp.AddEffect(ScriptTarget.Notes,"<animate .... />"

You can add multiple effects to apply several filters or animations to the note. This could be used to have a note slide in from the side, then change colour or fade out.


AbsolutePosition is interpreted in points
BaselineBaselined note box (on first line of text)
BottomVertically bottom-aligned note text
BoxedBoxed notes
CenterAlignHorizontally centered note text
CroppedEliminates entire note if text will be clipped
MiddleVertically middle-aligned note text
OpaqueOpaque text for notes
PercentagePosition is interpreted in percentage of axes
RightAlignHorizontally right aligned note text
RoundedRounded box
ShadowedShadowed box
TopAlignVertically top aligned note text

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