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SharpPlot.YAxisStyle Property

Set Y axis style to any combination of flags.

public YAxisStyles YAxisStyle {get; set;}


sp.YAxisStyle = YAxisStyles.ForceZero;


AboveGridLabels are written above gridlines and tickmarks
AngledLabelsAngled labels are used on 3D charts
ArrowedAxisAxis ends with an arrowhead
AtEndCaptionThe caption is written horizontally above the top of the axis
BalancedAxisTickmarks are ranged around zero and the X-axis is vertically centred
CenteredCaptionThe caption is vertically centred
ClampToAxisData is clamped to fit within the axis range
ClippedData and axes are clipped at the extreme tick marks
DateThe data is assumed to be OLE dates
DuplicateAxesDuplicate axes are drawn
DurationFormat Y axis labels using base-60 rather than 10
ExactFitThe axis will not be extended to the nearest whole tick interval
FlatTextFlat text is used for 3D captions and labels
ForceZeroAxis range always includes zero
GridLinesHorizontal gridlines are drawn at major ticks
InsideLabelsLabels are written within the chart area
InvertAxisThe axis is drawn with data values increasing from the top down
InvisibleAxisNo axis or ticks are drawn, but labels are written normally
LatitudeThe scale is formatted as latitude values for GPS data
LeftAxisThe axis is drawn and labelled at the left even for secondary axes
LogScaleA logarithmic scale is used
MiddleLabelsAxis labels are written on the middle of the axis
NoAxisNo axis is drawn
NoLabelsNo labels are added
OverlayGridGridlines are drawn on top of data
PlainAxisNo labels or ticks are created
RightAxisThe axis is drawn at the right
StayAtEdgeLabels stay at the chart edge when the axis intercept is explicitly set
SynchronisedSecondary axis will match tick positions of primary
TimeThe data is assumed to be OLE date/time values

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