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Scale bar for Bubble and Altitude-shaded plots

Contour plots and 3D fitted surfaces may be Altitude shaded with a smooth gradient between given colors. This style adds a calibration bar in the right margin to allow you to read the data value from the color.

sp.ContourPlotStyle = ContourPlotStyles.ScaleBar;
sp.CloudChartStyle = CloudChartStyles.ScaleBar;

The labels on the bar are written with the current Key font setting, and the Z-axis caption is used to write the caption above it. Lines are drawn across the bar at the z-tickmark intervals, and the lines are drawn with the current contour style.

The style works for Cloud Chart, Contour Plot, Response Surface and Bubble Chart with AltitudeShading.

The style also works for Bubble Charts with no altitude shading, in which case the scale bar show bubble sizes.

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