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ScatterPlotStyles Enumeration

Scatterplot Style (flags).

public enum ScatterPlotStyles


AnnotateModelAnnotate model with computed equation
ArrowLinesDraw arrows at ends of lines
CellsCreatedMake cells at each marker for miniature plots
ClippedClip axes and all lines and markers at chart edge
ContoursDraw contour lines across data points
CroppedAxesCrops all chart elements at the axis boundary
CurvesPoints are joined with smooth curves rather than straight lines
ExplodeAxesAxes are set back from the plotting area
ForceZeroForce zero (all axes include origin)
FrameAxesAxes are completed to frame chart and all data is cropped
GridLinesDraw gridlines (all axes)
GrowthCurveGrowth curve (exponential) is computed
HaloMarkersHalo all markers
LinesDatapoints are connected with lines
LogarithmicAll chart axes are drawn logarithmically
ModelFitCompute and show regression line or surface
NoAxesNo axes are drawn on the chart
NoMarkersNo markers are drawn (turns off default)
OnTopModelModelfit is drawn ontop of data
OverlayGridGridlines are drawn ontop of data
ParityAxes are made square and a diagonal is drawn with tolerance lines
RisersDraw risers to data points from axis or fitted model
TrendLineCompute trend line (Gaussian smooth)
ValueTagsValue tags are written for data items


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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