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XAxisStyles Enumeration

X-Axis style (flags).

public enum XAxisStyles


AngledLabelsAngled labels are used
AnnualTicksAnnual ticks are used for dates
ArrowedAxisAxis ends with an arrowhead
AtEndCaptionCaption is drawn at the end of the axis
BalancedAxisTickmarks are ranged around zero and the Y-axis is horizontally centred
CenteredCaptionCaption is centered below axis
ClippedAxis and data is clipped at the first and last tickmarks
DateX-values are taken as OLE dates
DuplicateAxesDuplicate X-axes are drawn
DurationFormat X axis labels using base-60 rather than 10
ExactFitAxis is not rounded up to the next whole tickmark interval
FlatTextFlat text is used for 3D charts
ForceZeroThe X-axis always includes zero
GridLinesGrid lines are drawn vertically at major ticks
InsideLabelsLabels are written within the chart area
InvisibleAxisAxis and ticks are invisible, but labels will be drawn as normal
LogScaleLog scale is used
LongitudeLongitude scale is drawn for GPS data
MaskedLabelsLabels are already masked so must not be thinned further
MiddleLabelsLabels are placed between tickmarks
MonthlyTicksMonthly ticks are used for dates
NoAxisNo axis is generated
NoLabelsNo labels are drawn
OmitLastLabelDrops off rightmost label to avoid potential collisions
OverlayGridGrid lines are drawn over the data
PlainAxisPlain axis (no ticks or labels)
RightCaptionRight-aligned axis caption (default)
SpannedLabelsRepeated labels are blanked and spanned across the repeated range
StayAtEdgeLabels stay at edge when axis is centrally placed
TimeX-values are taken as OLE date-time numbers
TopAxisAxis is drawn at the top of the chart


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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