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ScriptTarget Enumeration

Chart text elements which may be used as targets for JavaScript handlers or SVG attributes.

public enum ScriptTarget


AxesX and Y Axes (together)
ClipRectClipping rectangle at chart axes
FrameEntire chart region
GridLinesGrid lines (both x and y)
HeadingMain chart title
KeyKey placeholder and text (array)
NoneNo target
NotesNote frame
OriginScaleCoordinate system
PageLabelsPage labels (array)
PlotRegionArea bounded by chart axes
SubheadSecondary title
ValuesValue tags (array)
XCaptionX-Axis Caption
XLabelsX-Axis Labels (array)
XYZonesXY rectangular zones (array)
XZonesX-axis zones (array)
YCaptionY-Axis caption
YLabelsy-Axis labels (array)
YZonesY-axis zones (array)


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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