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BarChartStyles Enumeration

Barchart Style (flags).

public enum BarChartStyles


CroppedAxesCrops all chart elements at the axis boundary
ExplodeAxesAxes are set back from the plotting area
FloatingBarsFloating bars (lowest bar of stack not drawn)
ForceZeroForce zero (all axes include origin)
FrameAxesAxes are completed to frame chart and all data is cropped
GridLinesDraw gridlines (all axes)
HorizontalHorizontal chart
IndexedData is indexed to the initial value = 100
LogarithmicBars are drawn logarithmically
NoAxesNo axes are drawn on the chart
OverlayGridGridlines are drawn ontop of data
StackedBarsStacked barcharts (data is accumulated)
TicksBetweenTickmarks are drawn between bars or groups of bars
ValueTagsValue tags are written for data items


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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