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KeyStyles Enumeration

Key style (flags).

public enum KeyStyles


AbsolutePosition is interpreted in points
AutofitTextShrink text to fit within given frame
BaselineBaselined legend (on first line of text)
BottomAlignVertically bottom aligned key frame
BoxedBoxed key
BoxFrameBox given frame instead of text
CenterAlignHorizontally center aligned key frame
InlineWithDataLegends are written inline with data
LeftAlignHorizontally left aligned key frame
MiddleAlignVertically middle aligned key frame
NoKeyNo key (always omit key)
NoWrapKey text is not wrapped to margin
PercentagePosition is interpreted in percentage of axes
PlainPlain (no markers) key
ReversedReversed order of legend items
RightAlignHorizontally right aligned key frame
RoundedRounded key box
ShadowedShadowed key box
TopAlignVertically top aligned key frame
VerticalVertically arranged legend


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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