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HotspotType Enumeration

Various types of hotspots reported by the active chart components.

public enum HotspotType

This is used in the active chart components to hold details of any active regions on the chart. Typically these are associated with hints or tips for the individual data items.


MarkerChart marker (center, scale). Markers are detected when the cursor falls within 4px of the center, scaled up if the marker itself it scaled.
BarChart bar (bounding box). Bars are detected when the cursor is within the bar, or is hovering up to 4px above the top.
WedgePie sector (center x, center y, inner radius, outer radius in points, start angle, end angle in degrees). The cursor must be within the wedge for these to be reported.
SegmentLine segment (origin x, origin y, destination x, destination y). The cursor may be off the line by 1px in any direction.
ScriptTargetHeading, labels and so on (always rectangular). The cursor must be within the rectangle that encloses the text.
PlotRegionRectangle defined by chart axes (bounding box). This is used to convert from physical to user co-ordinates when the cursor is over the chart.
OriginScaleChart origin (x,y) and scale of xy-Axes relative to points
GradientRectangle defining a gradient fill. Used to create appropriate gradients for pie sectors and other tricky shapes.
XAxisStyleIndicator that x-axis labels are non-standard. Used to format the cursor tracker in the x-direction.
YAxisStyleIndicator that y-axis labels are non-standard. Used to format the cursor tracker in the y-direction.


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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