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Active charts in GUI Applications

The PageMap class allows the programmer to explore hotspot data contained in any chart, so that the application can interact with chart items and data.

Creating Active Charts

sp = new SharpPlot();

sp.SetSeriesNames(new string[]{"Hats","Coats"});
sp.Heading = "Check out Logical ImageMap";

sp.AddTips(ScriptTarget.Heading,"This is the heading, honest!");
sp.AddTips(new string[]{"Hat 3","Hat 5","Hat 7"},"Hats");  // First series
sp.AddTips(new string[]{"Coat 8","Coat 5","Coat 4"},"Coats");  // Second series
sp.AddHints("Click me");  // default hint for all series items

sp.SetXLabels(new string[]{"North","South","Other"});  // Should show up with a counter
sp.XTrackFormat = "Region-#0";  // Logical x-axis
sp.YAxisStyle = YAxisStyles.ForceZero;
sp.YTrackFormat = "#0.0kg";  // Formatter for primary y-scale

sp.DrawBarChart(new int[][]{new int[]{3,5,7},new int[]{8,5,4}});

sp.YAxisStyle = YAxisStyles.ForceZero|YAxisStyles.RightAxis;
sp.LineGraphStyle = LineGraphStyles.Markers;

tips = new string[]{"Guess 583","Guess 419","Guess 325"};
sp.AddTips(tips);  // Default series
sp.DrawLineGraph(new int[] {583,419,325});

sp.SetKeyText(new string[]{"Hats are Blue","Coats are Red","Forecast is Teal"});

It is relatively easy to make simple interactive graphics on the internet, using a combination of JavaScript (attached to data series) and the SharpPlot Addxxx methods to associate Hints, Tips, Actions and Hyperlinks with elements of a data series. Typically you could allow a user to ‘drill down’ on summary data by clicking on the bars of a barchart, and linking to a detailed display of the underlying figures. The chart below is used for all the worked examples in this section.

The methods in this class allow an application to implement similar capabilities, by converting raw co-ordinates into hotspot information, and using this to extract the hints, tips and links associated with the data. An obvious application would be to show any hints in a status field as the mouse passes over the corresponding items of the data series.


pm = sp.RenderPageMap();
System.Console.WriteLine("Pagemap has "+pm.ToString());
hix = pm.FindHotspot(200,120);  // Middle bar
hi = pm.GetHotspotInfo(hix);  // Full details so we can see it
System.Console.WriteLine("Series detail is "+hi.ToString());
tip = pm.FindTip(hix);
System.Console.WriteLine("Tip for this element is "+tip);

All co-ordinates are required as (x,y) in points, with the origin at the lower-left corner of the chart. If your application allows the user to resize the form containing the chart, you will need to scale any mouse-move values back to match the paper-size that SharpPlot was called with when the chart was created. The output from the sample is:

Pagemap has Series/targets=16, Hints=2, Tips=10, Links=0, Scripts=0
Series detail is Chart=Bar1, Series=Hats, Item=2, Shape=Bar, Locator=186.9 52 216 193.3 0 0
Tip for this element is Hat 5

The locator is stored to full precision, but is rounded off to the nearest 10th pt for display here.

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