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SharpPlot.IncludeSource Method

Add arbitrary (SVG/EPS) content to beginning or end of output stream.


string svgfiters = "<defs> <filter id=\"MyShadow\"> <feGaussianBlur in=\"SourceAlpha\" stdDeviation=\"12\" result=\"blur\"/> " +
                    "<feOffset in=\"blur\" dx=\"24\" dy=\"20\" result=\"offsetBlur\"/> <feMerge> <feMergeNode in=\"offsetBlur\"/> " +
                    "<feMergeNode in=\"SourceGraphic\"/> </feMerge> </filter> </defs>";

sp.IncludeSource(svgfilter); // include filter in SVG definition
sp.AddEffect(ScriptTarget.Heading,"#MyShadow"); // use filter on heading
sp.DefineFont("AS","Arial,Sans","filter:url(#MyShadow)"); // define a font with filter
sp.SetFootnoteFont("AS"); // use font


This would typically be used to prepend SVG filters to the final output. It can also add arbitrary content to the end of the generated output, by setting the atEnd value to true.

The source has to match the output format that will be used for the chart. For example if you include SVG but export the chart as EPS, the included SVG will corrupt the output EPS. If you need to export your chart in different output format AND have format-specific prologues, you can set the prologue argument of the Render functions (e.g. SharpPlot.RenderEps).

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