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SharpPlot.AddEffect Method

Associates arbitrary SVG source with any standard text item.

public void AddEffect(
    ScriptTarget target,
    string effect


This simply inserts arbitrary SVG code into the ‘group’ tag for the text item, so almost anything goes. It could be used to make a heading ‘shadowed’, or to add animations, for example to have text slide in from the side. Check the SVG documentation for details on the syntax required for filters and animations.


string svgfiters = "<defs> <filter id=\"MyShadow\"> <feGaussianBlur in=\"SourceAlpha\" stdDeviation=\"12\" result=\"blur\"/> " +
                    "<feOffset in=\"blur\" dx=\"24\" dy=\"20\" result=\"offsetBlur\"/> <feMerge> <feMergeNode in=\"offsetBlur\"/> " +
                    "<feMergeNode in=\"SourceGraphic\"/> </feMerge> </filter> </defs>";


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