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SharpLeaf Members


SharpLeaf Instance Properties

ArgumentListSubstitution values for {1} ... {99} in TextBlock captions
BulletCountNext value for numbered lists
CapFontFont for dropped capitals (default is null for paragraph font)
DecimalDecimal separator used by Alignment.Decimal (defaults to ‘.’)
EllipsisCharacter that marks text clipping (default is ‘…’ – Unicode 0x2026 – code point 8230 – set to ‘ ‘ to disable)
FrameHeightHeight of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
FrameIdIdentifier of the current Frame (ReadOnly)
FrameLeftLeft of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
FrameTopTop of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
FrameWidthWidth of current frame (excluding gutter) (ReadOnly)
PageNumber of current page, starting at 1 (ReadOnly)
PagesNumber of non-empty pages of the report so far (ReadOnly)
PaperSizePaper size of current page (ReadOnly)
SoftHyphenCharacter marking silent word break (default is Unicode standard ‘­’ – U+0x00AD – code point 173)
StyleWorking ParagraphStyle
TitleDocument title
VersionGet SharpLeaf Version (ReadOnly)
YPositionCurrent position on page (ReadOnly)

SharpLeaf Methods

AddBookmarkReferenceFlow text into the current paragraph that will point to a named bookmark (earlier or later set with SetBookmark)
AddHtmlAppend text with simple HTML tags to the current paragraph
AddHyperlinkFlow text that will point to a URL
AddParagraphsFlow new paragraphs of texts into the current frame with optional style
AddRichTextRun a vector of "WordPad" Rich Text Format into frame as new paragraphs. This is specific to "old-style" RTF, and not a general RTF parser.
AddSubscriptAppend subscripted text to the current paragraph
AddSuperscriptAppend superscripted text to the current paragraph
AddTextAppend text to the current paragraph
DrawArrowLow-level routine to draw an arrow with specified parameters
DrawElementDraw an arbitrary PageElement on current page
GetCharsetsReturn the list of used characters for each used font
GetRemainingHeightGet remaining height in current frame (from current point to bottom)
GetRemainingWidthGet available width in current frame
GetTextHeightMeasure the height taken by a paragraph of text, interpreting linebreaks, possibly wrapping inside a specified width.
GetTextWidthMeasure the width taken by a paragraph of text, interpreting newline characters (but not tab characters)
IncludeChartAdd a SharpPlot chart to a report, with optional scaling and wraparound
IncludeImageAdd a picture to a report, with optional scaling and wraparound
IncludeRuleRule line across frame – unless at the top of a frame
IncludeSpaceInclude empty space within text flow
IncludeTableFlow a table within current frame
NextClearMove down to the closest spot with a clear margin on the left and/or the right hand side.
NextFrameSkip flow to a new Frame – may imply a new page.
NextLineSkip to next line – optionally skipping several
NextPageForce page throws
NextParagraphSkip to next paragraph – does nothing if already in a new paragraph
NextTabSkip a number of tabstops
PopStyleRestore the ParagraphStyle used before the last PushStyle
PushStyleTemporarily change the current ParagraphStyle, while pushing previous on to the style stack – undone by PopStyle
RenderAnimatedSvgReturn report rendered as animated SVG, with one frame per page
RenderDocumentReturn completed report as a Document instance
RenderLogReturn report as a readable log
RenderPSReturn report rendered as raw PostScript
RenderPdfReturn report as a PDF stream
RenderSvgReturn report rendered as SVG
RenderXamlReturn report rendered as a XAML Canvas
SaveAnimatedGifSave report rendered through raster engine as an animated GIF file, one frame per page.
SaveAnimatedSvgSave report to named file as animated SVG, with one frame per page
SaveLogSave completed report as a readable log file
SavePSSave report to named file as raw PostScript
SavePdfSave report to named file as PDF
SaveSvgSave report to named file as SVG
SaveXamlSave report to named file as a XAML Canvas
SetArgumentSet a specific argument in the ArgumentList
SetBookmarkCreate a bookmark entry for upcoming element (paragraph, text, includes, etc.)
SetBoxStart and stop boxing decorations around text
SetCapSet up a dropped capital on upcoming paragraph
SetLayoutChange master page layout, closing any started page.


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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