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PageMap.FindInfo Method

Find the details of any standard chart object(s) given the chart id and any ScriptTarget.

public HotspotInfo[] FindInfo(
    string chartid,
    ScriptTarget objid


HotspotInfo[] ylabs = pm.FindInfo("Bar1",ScriptTarget.YLabels);
foreach (HotspotInfo spot in ylabs)
Chart name.
Object id.
return value
Hotspot info array.

A typical result would be

Chart=Bar1, Series=YLabels, Item=1, Type=ScriptTarget, Locator=29.5 45.6 33.5 59.2
Chart=Bar1, Series=YLabels, Item=2, Type=ScriptTarget, Locator=29.5 73.8 33.5 87.4
Chart=Bar1, Series=YLabels, Item=3, Type=ScriptTarget, Locator= ....

which might be echoed to the console for debugging use. You could use this array to implement your own hotspot searching, for example to highlight drop-targets in a ‘slice-and-dice’ application which allowed the user to re-position the datacube by dropping placeholders on the chart axis labels.

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