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PageMap.PointsToAxes Method

Convert between co-ordinate systems based on given chart, or topmost chart at this location.


PointF xya = pm.PointsToAxes("Bar1",100,100);
System.Console.WriteLine("Axis conversion based on left scale - (100,100)=" + xya;

This gives the output

Axis conversion based on left scale - (100,100)={X=0.9864865, Y=1.699115}
Axis conversion based on right scale - (100,100)={X=0.9864865, Y=127.4336}
Axis conversion based on topmost scale - (100,100)={X=0.9864865, Y=127.4336}



This could be used to show the current mouse co-ordinates in terms of the chart axes in a status field if the formatted value provided by GetTracker is unsuitable.

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