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Table Appearance

The Table class provides fine control over the appearance of the table box, grid, and cells. A table may also be annotated by a heading, subheading, caption, and footnote.

   tb = new Table();

   tb.Heading = "Table Heading";
   tb.HeadingFont = new FontType("Times",36,FontStyle.Bold);
   tb.Footnote = "Table footnote";
   tb.FootnoteAlignment = Alignment.Right;  // use default font

   tb.SetTitles(1,1);  // 1 column and 1 row of titles
   tb.SetOffset(1,0);  // Offset table box to exclude 1 column and 0 row
   tb.SetCellMargins(10);  // Let's decide that the default 4 is a bit cramped
   tb.Box = new BoxStyle(3,Color.Navy,LineStyle.Solid,10,Color.Navy,FillStyle.Saturate10,true);
   tb.SetColumnGrid(0);  // Disable column grid
  // 1-point navy grid every other row (first grid line is below first row)
   tb.SetRowGrid(new int[]{1,0},new Color[]{Color.Navy,Color.Transparent});
   tb.AddRows(new string[]{"","Column 1","Column 2","Column 3"});
   tb.AddColumns(new string[]{"Row 1","Row 2","Row 3","Row 4"});
   tb.AddRows(new int[][]{new int[]{101,201,301},new int[]{102,202,302},new int[]{103,
            203,303},new int[]{104,204,304}});

   box = new BoxStyle(3,Color.Firebrick,LineStyle.Solid,0,Color.Firebrick,
   tb.SetCellBox(box,3,4);  // Special cell box at column 3, row 4


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