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LineStyle Struct

Line-styles (built-in and user-defined dash-repeat sequences).

public struct LineStyle

Public Constructor

Creates a custom dashed line from a vector of even length giving on-off pattern, proportionally to the line width.

public LineStyle(
    int[] dashPattern 
public LineStyle(
    double[] dashPattern 


sp.SetDatumLineStyle(Color.Maroon,new LineStyle(new int[] {12,4,24,4})); // Long dashes

Public Static Properties


Specifies a dashed line


Specifies a line with alternating dashes and dots


Specifies a line with alternating dashes and paired dots


Specifies a dotted line


Specifies an undrawn (invisible) line


Specifies a solid line

Creating Custom Dashed Lines

A dashed line is defined by an array of numbers which give the on-off-on-off cycle. Dash lengths are always proportional the line width. Custom lines are drawn with square ends to make the segments exactly the length you ask for. The cycle always begins at the start of the pattern (so the dash-offset is zero) here. For example:

LineStyle mydash = new LineStyle(new int[]{1,2,2,2,3,2,4,2});

Note that in charts rendered to SVG you can animate the dash-offset to give the effect of a ‘walking line’.

Using a Pen object with Raster Output

It is possible to use an existing .Net Pen object to create your line, but this method will only be effective in charts rendered to raster formats.

public LineStyle(
    Pen myPen

The color and Width of the pen will be overridden by the color setting and width of the line being drawn.


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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