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SharpPlot.DrawTriangle Method

Create a triangle chart (relative proportions of exactly 3 series):


samples = new int[,] {{3,4,4},{4,2,2},{3,4,2},{4,3,1}};

sp.TriangleStyle = TriangleStyles.GridLines|TriangleStyles.Markers;

sp.XCaption = "Na";
sp.YCaption = "K";
sp.ZCaption = "Ca";


The short tutorial shows a few of the possibilities and some sample code.



This chart is typically used to profile a series of samples of the 3 key constituents of some raw material or industrial process. The data may be shown as proportions or percentages, but it will always be normalised into the range 0-1. If only 2 sets of samples are given, the third set is deduced by subtraction from 1 or 100 as appropriate.

Various styles can be used to vary the appearance of the chart, but the axis range and tick spacing are pre-determined here.

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