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SharpPlot.DrawMinMaxChart Method

Construct hi-lo plot, joining maximum with minimum data values for each axis value.


sp = new SharpPlot(180,120);
open = new int[] {190,150,310,240,140,170};
close = new int[] {150,310,240,140,170,240};
xdata = new int[] {17,18,19,22,23,24};
sp.MinMaxChartStyle = MinMaxChartStyles.ArrowLines|MinMaxChartStyles.DriftMarkers;

The short tutorial shows a few of the possibilities and some sample code.



Some data series are best represented by their range at each time-value. Temperature data is typical – here the most informative chart shows the maximum and minimum values by day, with the range drawn as a vertical line. This chart is also commonly used for stock-price data where the daily high and low may be combined with opening and closing values to produce a wide variety of typical ‘Wall Street Journal’ plots of the market data.

This chart is normally drawn vertically, but may be switched around using the ‘Horizontal’ style where it is more appropriate to show the range running across the page.

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