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KeyDefinition Struct

Definition structure for data-placeholder in chart keys. Mostly used internally, but may be defined by the calling application to customise legend placeholders.

public struct KeyDefinition

Public Constructors

Create a custom key placeholder (type 1 = line/marker, type 2 = block key for surface or bar, type 3 = stepped line).

Block key uses type=2 and requires colour, and optional FillStyle (solid fill is the default):

public KeyDefinition(
   int type,
   Color color, 
   FillStyle pattern

You might also want to specify the edge of the block

public KeyDefinition(
   int type,
   Color color, 
   FillStyle pattern,
   double edgeNib,
   Color edgeColor,
   LineStyle edgeLine

Line/marker key is always type=1 and requires Colour,LineStyle and PenWidth. If MarkerSyle is omitted, no markers are drawn.

public KeyDefinition(
   int type,
   Color color, 
   LineStyle line
   double penwidth
   Marker marker

You may also use this constructor to make a Stepped line key (type=3) suitable for Stepcharts.


// Make 2 custom legend placeholders
 key1 = new KeyDefinition(1,Color.Red,LineStyle.Solid,0.8,Marker.SmallBullet);
 key2 = new KeyDefinition(1,Color.Navy,LineStyle.Solid,0.8,Marker.Ring);
// Use them in a hand-made legend block 
 sp.DrawKey(2,10,new KeyDefinition[]{key1,key2});

This creates two placeholders suitable for a chart with lines and markers.


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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