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Document.RenderMetafile Method

Return or stream document as one of the Extended Metafile formats.

You may need to experiment with the optimum EmfType parameter. Modern software should read the new GDI+ metafile tags correctly (EmfPlusOnly), but older applications may require the old tags as a fallback (EmfOnly). The default is to use both forms (EmfPlusDual), but this may make the file larger than you need.



The result of this call is a Metafile object which may be used as required to save the chart to file, or display it on an application control such as a PictureBox. There is no result if the user passes a Stream – the EMF content is simply appended to the stream.


   emf=doc.RenderMetafile(PageMode.Horizontal); // Draw pages side-by-side horizontally;

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