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Document.SaveImage Method

Save document rendered through raster engine as an image file.

To prepare an image for publication, you may need a DPI setting of 300-1200 depending on the demands of the repro house. For a chart to be shown on the web, a resolution of 96dpi is generally adequate. The text will be anti-aliased by default, but you may over-ride the text-rendering algorithm by passing in the standard .Net rendering hint as a final option.

For charts saved as Metafiles you may need to experiment with the optimum EmfType parameter. Modern software should read the new GDI+ metafile tags correctly (EmfPlusOnly), but older applications may require the old tags as a fallback (EmfOnly). The default is to use both forms (EmfPlusDual), but this may make the file larger than you need.



   doc = lf.RenderDocument(1);  // First report page

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