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Create a color using the CMYK model. This allows full control over the inks used by PostScript printers if the output is saved in EPS or PDF formats. All other formats simply convert the chosen color to RGB for screen display.


  sp.Heading = "Check out Alternate Colour Models";
  sp.Subheading = "This should look very like the main heading";

  Color darkolive = sp.UseCmyk(9,0,24,58);

  sp.SetHeadingFont("Times New Roman",16,FontStyle.Italic,darkolive);


Returns a standard Color object encoding the required CMYK values. This is used directly by EPS and PDF output (both of which support the CMYK color space) or converted back to RGB for screen display by all other formats. The exact colors shown on screen may vary depending on the software used to view the file.

CMYK-encoded colors will be encoded as ARGB with alpha<9. Therefore transparency lower than 9 should not be used in SharpPlot colors, otherwise they will be wrongfully interpreted as CMYK levels.

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