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SharpPlot.SetXTickMarks Method

Set X tick marks given a tickmark specification.


sp.SetXTickMarks(10); // Every 10
sp.SetXTickMarks(20,4); // Major,minor
sp.SetXTickMarks(new int[] {10,20,50,100}); // Exact placement


The units of the major tick interval are normally just the units of the data, but there are some special cases when plotting time-related values. Axis styles which affect this calculation are:

  • Date – ticks are in days (as you would expect from the OLE date values) but part-days are fine
  • Annual – ticks are in whole years
  • Monthly – ticks are computed for you at month boundaries
  • Time – ticks are in hours (fractions of an hour are fine)
  • Duration – ticks are in data units, typically minutes or seconds

The same applies if you choose to give tickmarks exactly as an array, except that in the ‘monthly’ case you give the positions in days to match the OLE date values.

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