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SharpPlot.SetNetworkMapLinkArc Method

Set NetworkMap Link Arc given an array of numbers or a single value.


sp.NetworkMapStyle = NetworkMapStyles.FixedArcs;
sp.SetNetworkMapLinkArc(-30); // 30-degree angle for all arcs
sp.SetNetworkMapLinkArc(new int[] {72,144}); // Alternate radii of 72 and 144 points

Array will be cycled through along links – but ignored for self-arcs, which are set with SetNetworkMapSelfArc.

Positive values give arc radii in points. Negative values give arc angle in degrees, so zero forces flat links.

Use NetworkMapStyles.FixedArcs for the values to be observed exactly. Otherwise, the value gives the maximum radii (or minimum angle) to use – which will decrease towards half the node distance (or increase towards 180 degrees) as the nodes get closer.


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