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SharpPlot.SetArrowStyle Method

Set arrow format given any of (Arrow size, sweep angle, fill pattern).

Positive size gives absolute arrow size in points, negative size gives proportion to line width, zero lets SharpPlot pick a good default.

Sweep angle is in degrees :

  • outward-pointing, inward-filled from 0 to 90 degrees
  • inward-pointing, outward-filled from -90 to 0 degrees
  • inward-pointing, inward-filled from 90 to 180 degrees
  • outward-pointing, outward-filled from -180 to -90 degrees

The first two ranges of values makes the tip of the arrow sit on the end of the line segment, while the last two make the foot of the arrow sit on it.


sp.SetArrowStyle(-3); // Arrow size is three times the pen width
// Positive size is fixed in points - Negative angle for inward arrow
sp.SetArrowStyle(12,30,FillStyle.Unfilled); // Size,angle,line-only


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