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SharpPlot.RenderImageMap Method

Return tags to make an HTML imagemap for completed chart.


string map = sp.RenderImageMap(72);

Return Value

The result of this call is a string containing an HTML client-side imagemap. This is designed to accompany a Bitmap, and is scaled by default to match a 96dpi rendering. This may be written to a webpage to allow hyperlinks and simple JavaScript calls to work with images as well as VML or SVG pages.

Note that the Chart Name is used as the reference for the image, so it would be helpful for readability to use a non-default name here. Note also that the order of the area tags is intentionally reversed, so that the items drawn last get precedence in the map.



A typical imagemap for a 3-sector piechart would look like:

<map id=tutor2b>
 <area shape="poly" coords="216,174, ... ,71" href="" />
 <area shape="poly" coords="216,174, ... ,259" href="" />
 <area shape="poly" coords="216,174, ... ,93" href="" />

Here, polygons are used to approximate the outline of each pie sector. For a scatterplot, circles would be drawn around each point (4 pixel radius) and for barcharts rectangles are used to match the outline of each bar.

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