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SharpPlot.DrawVectors Method

Create a vector diagram (showing a directed graph, or current flows):


sp = new SharpPlot(180,120);
x1 = new int[] {77,25,43,42,93,32,81,14,64,4,71,98};
y1 = new int[] {17,48,55,24,52,74,31,98,70,63,63,43};
x2 = new int[] {93,31,51,50,114,40,99,19,78,7,86,121};
y2 = new int[] {24,57,65,31,63,85,41,110,83,75,75,53};
sp.VectorStyle = VectorStyles.ArrowLines;

The short tutorial shows a few of the possibilities and some sample code.



This method takes a matrix (or regular array) of xyxy pairs and draws a set of lines connecting each pair of points. The lines can be marked on the ‘target’ end with arrows, or marked at the root/target ends with the current marker.

Two good uses of this chart type are for drawing any style of directed graph (typically a PERT chart or assembly diagram), or representing a vector field, such as current flows or wind speeds on a map. Value Tags are written along the lines, and are always centered. They may contain multiple lines of text.

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