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SharpPlot.DrawMultiple Method

Generate a trellis from nested y-values and iterate around it for each data vector.


sp = new SharpPlot(180,120);
sp.SetPageLabels(new string[]{"North","South","East","West"});
sp.TrellisStyle = TrellisStyles.SnakingCells;
series = new int[][]{new int[]{3,2,4},new int[]{5,4,3},new int[]{1,3,2},new int[]{3,2,4}};

The short tutorial shows a few of the possibilities and some sample code.



One of the best innovations in Tufte’s “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” is the idea of using an array of miniature charts to display multi-dimensional data. Often a series of values are recorded at (say) several sites or on several days, then are superimposed on a single chart as a collection of dotted and dashed lines in various colors. This often makes it very hard to see the patterns and relationships in the data. The ‘Multiple’ plots each series on its own chart, and arranges them automatically in a trellis to allow easy comparison between them

Note that the Multiple chart has no style settings – it simply iterates around the chosen chart type, which applies the settings appropriate for that chart.

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