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FontType.PostscriptName Property

PostScript-specific font name, which may be different from the system’s TrueType font name.

public string PostscriptName {get; set;}


font.PostscriptName = "Univers";


4 variants (regular, bold, italic, bold+italic) may be provided here, separated by ‘,’ Otherwise, the standard ‘-Bold’ ‘-Italic’ ‘-BoldItalic’ suffixes are used. So the example above is equivalent to :

font.PostscriptName = "Univers,Univers-Bold,Univers-Italic,Univers-BoldItalic";

Embedding PFA font files

A PFA font file can be embedded if a fontname is followed by ‘@’ and then the path to the font file. That allows the Postscript file to be independent of the presence of the font by the displaying device.

font.PostscriptName = "Univers@C:\\fonts\\universe.pfa"; // specify the font file to embed that has the font as described by the name.

A PFA font file can be generated from a TTF file with “ttd2pt1 -e”.

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