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DbUtil.GetStrings Method

Get one or more String columns from a Selection, with optional missing value filler. By default, the empty string is used to replace any DBNull values in the chosen column.


 filler = (int)sp.MissingValue;
 mytable = new DataTable(); // Get some real data here!;
 myselection = mytable.Select("symb='BP'");
 string[] xlabs = DbUtil.GetStrings(myselection,"Year");



Retrieves data from a data table selection in a form suitable for creating axis labels (single or multiple lines). The array of arrays of strings is ideal for use with spanned X-labels, for example:

string[][] labs = DbUtil.GetStrings(myselection,"Months","Quarters","Years");

If only one column is requested, the data is returned as a simple array of labels. It a numeric column is requested, it is returned as strings by running its default ToString method.

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