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SharpPlot.ReadComment Method

Recover a text comment, saved in any of the textual output formats. Only comments with associated keys can be recovered using this utility. This method may be called with a filename or the string result from any of the RenderXxx methods.


sp.AddComment("This is some text with a key","NOTE1");
sp.AddComment("Now is the time for ALL good men to come to the aid of the party!","NOTE2",true);

// Recover both notes from EPS file
string note1 = SharpPlot.ReadComment("sample.eps","NOTE1");
string note2 = SharpPlot.ReadComment("sample.eps","NOTE2",true);


If the text was compressed when added to the chart with AddComment, you must pass the decode flag here to reverse the compression. Comments are protected against ‘bad’ XML characters in SVG and VML output whether or not they are compressed and this is reversed here before extraction.

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