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Installing SharpPlot

SharpPlot is shipped both as a .net assembly and a Dyalog APL workspace, which can be downloaded it from

.net assembly version

The assembly is shipped as a single DLL, with accompanying XML documentation for use by visual development tools, ideal for use in your .net winforms and applications. All of the code is fully managed C# for the 2.0 framework, and can even run on Mono – an open source version of the .net framework for Linux and Mac OSX. Bitmap and Metafile outputs are not supported under Mono – until they implement the GDI correctly...

APL workspace

SharpPlot is also available as a self-contained pure-APL workspace (sharpplot.dws), usable on all platforms supported by Dyalog (Windows, Linux, Mac...). Bitmap and Metafile outputs are not supported in pure-APL.

Of course the SharpPlot DLL, with its full capabilities and better performance, can be used directly from Dyalog APL through the .net bridge on Windows platforms.

Ease of use

Simply copy the files, and add it to your development project to make it available for use.

SharpPlot makes no registry entries on your machine, and never requires access to any data files. All communication with your application is handled via data (passed as arguments) and results from the various rendering methods.

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